• First in Asia

    The NTOK, born in 1950, was the first national theater in Asia. To this day, we have been the heart of the performing arts in Korea.

  • 14 Million Guests

    Over 70 years since 1950, upwards of 14 million guests have come through our doors.

  • 12,000 In-house Productions

    We are proud to be Korea’s one and only theater featuring in-house traditional performing arts productions. To date, we have staged more than 12,000 in-house productions, including performances by affiliated organizations and special performances.

  • 60% Paid Seat Occupancy

    Previously, the percentage of paying audience members stood at 40%, but this increased to 60% in the 2010s. This has boosted our financial independence as an executive agency.

  • 300 Overseas Performances

    With the aim of establishing the NTOK brand in the world and spreading awareness of the beauty of traditional Korean performing arts, we tour the world on a regular basis with an outstanding repertoire.

  • 10 New Productions Each Year

    Since adopting the “NTOK Seasonal Repertoire” system in 2012, we have showcased at least 10 new productions each year (12.5 new productions annually between 2013 and 2018).

국립극장장 김철호 이미지

We are 70,
going on 100

CEO, National Theater of Korea

Kim Chul-ho

김철호 싸인

Our celebration of 70 years since the founding of the National Theater of Korea is a tribute to all the individuals who have kept the history of Korean performing arts alive. The NTOK has remained faithful to its mission of sublimating traditional arts into a contemporary art form, and has been a dedicated partner of Korean performing arts. We strive on a daily basis to create the traditional arts anew, as an open agency for art communicating and interacting with the world and our times. Our 70th anniversary will be an opportunity to trace our footsteps and find our bearings, preparing for the next 100 years of the NTOK.We ask for your continued support as we strive to become the beating heart of Korean performing arts. Thank you.


The historical significance of the NTOK’s 70th Anniversary lies in that it marks 70 years of Korean performing arts as well.
The BI shows the various aspects of performing arts culture emanating from the core of Korean performing arts history, and the main colors of the NTOK have been used in the emblem to impart the image of the National Theater of Korea.

70th Anniversary BI guideline (PDF) 70th Anniversary Emblem
70주년 BI 버전첫번째 70th Anniversary BI logo
  • 1950
  • 1960
  • 1970
  • 1980
  • 1990
  • 2000
  • 2010
  • 2020
The Birth of the NTOK
The Birth of the NTOK1950
The opening performance, Wonsulrang
The opening performance, Wonsulrang1950
The subsequent performance, Thunderstorm
The subsequent performance, Thunderstorm1950
The NTOK found a refuge in Daegu, during the Korean War
The NTOK found a refuge in Daegu, during the Korean War1953
Returned to Seoul
Returned to Seoul1957
The first drama contest held in 1957
The first drama contest held in 19571957
The National Theater Company of Korea recruited trainees
The National Theater Company of Korea recruited trainees1958
  • Commemorative Performance
  • Commemorative Events · Academic Events · Commemorative Exhibitions
To welcome our 70th year, the NTOK has planned Korea’s largest exhibition of creative works as well as performances of audiences’ favorite repertoires

The festivities will be enriched not only by performances given by the NTOK’s resident companies, but also invitational performances by overseas performers and a range of national arts institutions. NTOK’s 70th anniversary will illustrate it as Korea’s leading performing arts organization.

Daloreum Theater
KNB Best Collection
Myeongdong Theater
KNB Best Collection
Daloreum Theater
NCK Best Collection
Myeongdong Theater
NCK Best Collection
Korean Opera Best Collection
Myeongdong Theater
Korean Opera Best Collection
Daloreum Theater
Orchestra Series Ⅳ: Korean Music Concert 2020
Lotte Concert Hall
Orchestra Series Ⅳ: Korean Music Concert 2020
  • 70th Anniversary Programs

    To commemorate 70 years since the NTOK was founded on April 29, 1950, we wish to remember and celebrate the National Theater’s 70-year history. The commemoration event will take place in three parts, attended by upwards of 1,000 key Korean arts and culture personalities in the ground square over the NTOK's new parking facility.

  • Academic Events

    NTOK Symposium Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of National Theater of Korea
    National Theater of Korea, primarily established as the National Theater in Asia, will host the NTOK Symposium with the local and international performing arts peer group and professionals to confer the achievements of the past 70 years and the vision for the next 100 years. It will be an excellent opportunity to delve into the dynamics of contemporary Asian performing arts as well as the role of the National Theater while exploring the possibility of creative collaboration across the Asia-Pacific region.

    * Program details and registration will be announced later on the official website of the National Theater of Korea.

  • Commemorative Exhibitions

    Commemorative exhibitions to celebrate 70 years of the NTOK will shed light on the importance and standing of the National Theater in contemporary performing arts history. The exhibits will showcase key NTOK performances since the 1950s alongside a treasure trove of related materials. We will reminisce and share with the public the significance of the spaces occupied by the National Theater, from Bumingwan (old City Hall) to Sigonggwan (Seoul Public Hall) to the present-day National Theater of Korea (Namsan) in cultural and architectural history.

Relieve the memories made at the National Theater of Koreawith the NTOK stationery series

  • NTOK Notepad

    NTOK Notepad

  • NTOK Eco-bag

    NTOK Eco-bag

  • NTOK Pencil

    NTOK Pencil

  • NTOK Eraser

    NTOK Eraser

  • NTOK Sticker

    NTOK Sticker

  • NTOK Pin Badge

    NTOK Pin Badge

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Shimcheong-ga Shimcheong-ga
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Farewell My Concubine Farewell My Concubine
2019 Yang Bangean with NOK - Into The Light 2019 Yang Bangean with NOK - Into The Light